Can someone else drive my vehicle?

Yes, as long as it is permitted by the internal rules and regulations of your company and the driver in question has a valid driver’s license.

Can I cross the U.S. border with my long term rental vehicle or my courtesy car?

Yes. However, be sure that you have all the necessary documents on hand: registration and insurance proof.

Can I install a trailer hitch on the vehicle?

Yes, under prior approval of Simpli-city. The hook must be placed by an authorized dealer of the vehicle, authorized by Simpli-city. You are allowed to draw a trailer of up to 750 kg. Beyond this weight, please contact us. The trailer and its contents are in no way covered by insurance or service.

Can I install accessories (radio, speaker, trailer hitch …) at my own expense?

Yes, if you have our prior authorization and provided that the installation does not damage the vehicle. Any modification of insurance coverage can be absorbed either by the employer or by yourself.

There is a problem with my alarm system or its installation. What to do?

If it is the original alarm system, go directly to the installer. If this is not the case, please contact us.